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Recruiting, Hiring, and Selecting Employees, Part 2: Interviewing and Selecting New Team Members


This is the first of 3 Modules of “Recruiting, Hiring, and Selecting Employees for Retail Managers.”  The student will learn about and discover:


       How the Selection Process Impacts your Business

       The Fundamental Rules of the Selection Process

       The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Interviewing

       Effective Pre-Screening Techniques

       Reviewing the Job Application and Red Flags

       How to Use Past Behavior as a Predictor of Future Success

        The “STAR” Method of Behavioral Interviewing

       Evaluating and Selecting a Candidate

       How to Make the Offer


This Module may be purchased individually, but it is recommended that the user purchase the “Recruiting, Hiring, and Selecting Employees” Bundle.  The user receives a 30% discount when purchasing the 3 Modules together.

Target Audience: Retail Managers, Retail Field Managers, Retail Managers In-Training

Course Length: 30-45 minutes